Renewal Management

eliminate complexity. mitigate risk. ensure compliancy.


Are you tired of managing licensing and contact renewals from a spreadsheet that never seems to be accurate? Does your organization have over qualified managers and line of business owners spending countless hours managing and rectifying license renewals many times throughout the year?

Manually tracking licensing and contract renewals can be a daunting and complex task. Organizations today face steep fines and reinstatement fees for missing contract and renewal end dates.

Whether you purchased your software through Axis or elsewhere, your license and contract renewals can be managed through us. Axis’ renewal management specialists allows you to stay on top of all IT licenses and contracts by providing you with timely annual reminders and detailed quotes long before they expire. Advance warning of impending renewals allows organizations to take time to analyze and discuss any renewals, negotiate new agreements, or vet alternative solutions that better suit the state of your business.

Axis Business Solutions’ Renewal Management Solutions:

  • No cost to you!
  • Track actual software usage to uncover unused licenses
  • Reduce risks and unnecessary costs by ensuring timely renewals of your renewals
  • Increase ROI by freeing up your resources to add more value to your business
  • Avoid non-compliance
  • Reduce costs by consolidating and co-terminating contracts throughout the enterprise

Let Axis help you stay on top of all IT licenses and contracts. Contact us today.


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Software Contract Management

Axis understands the business challenges we face and the goals we have in mind for our network. We don't have to go into a lot of detail, because they make it a point to know our business inside and out.

- Kevin Foster

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