Microsoft Yammer

Benefits of microsoft yammer

Yammer is a private social network for organizations that is built around open communication. Yammer can be used to efficiently resolve support issues, gather feedback, spread best practices, participate in threaded discussions and loop customer and vendors into conversations. Just like other social media networks, you can like, share and reply on Yammer posts. Users can organize into specific groups to share information. Instead of getting locked away in scattered email threads, information is always shared, archived and searchable.

Benefits of Microsoft Yammer:

  1. Easy to Connect and Engage Across Your Company: Yammer is the next-level collaboration tool that keeps you connected and a part of the company, wherever you are. Find and build on the work of co-workers in different departments and time zones with a smarter search. Yammer makes it easy to become aware of and solve any customer problem as soon as they arise.
  2. Group Collaboration:With Yammer, you have the ability to form a public or private group whether it’s based on a department, project, or topic of interest. Groups make it easy to work together, share information and drive discussion in a central workplace. All information and conversations are threaded, so context is preserved for any future needs.
  3. External Collaboration:Yammer allows you to add partners, customers, and vendors to group conversations to ask questions, suggestions or get specific input. For ongoing external collaboration, you can create dedicated external groups/networks to encourage stronger relationships.

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