Microsoft Skype for Business

Benefits of skype for business

Skype For Business is an application that enables conversations. With Skype, people can make video calls, voice and group calls, send messages and share files with other individuals also on Skype. This readily available communication tool drives business productivity and efficiency. Skype is designed to work on Android and iOS smartphones, tablets and PC’s. Skype For Business has industrial strength security that allows companies to stay in touch and be productive across the Office 365 apps.

Benefits of Skype for Business:

  1. Collaboration: Gathering your team is as easy as using Skype For Business. When travel is not necessary it’s beneficial to take advantage of Skype to have a meeting (with up to 250 people), share files, ideas and even your screen.
  2. Device Compatibility:Anyone with an Apple, Android or Windows device can set up and join Skype For Business. Skype increases agility and brings remote participants into meetings.
  3. Presence Awareness:Skype For Business displays the presence status of users – available, away, do not disturb or offline – to let others know of their availability. If/when you need to chat with the author of a document about recent edits, you’ll be able to see when they are online and available.

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