Sept 1st – Burlington, MA – Suffer Total Data Loss & Recover Instantly


Reduxio Systems, with their flash first tiering storage array, provides unprecedented performance, price per TB, and surprisingly; the ability to recover any data to one second on their block storage array. All of this is achieved with administrative ease of use that is strikingly different than the norm. It’s fast, inexpensive and easy, isn’t it about time?!

Join us for this lunch and learn event to hear how this power of instant recovery has already saved some businesses, and see first-hand how it is done. We’ll share actual use case’s and walk through a step by step catastrophic recovery demonstrating the speed and ease this can be achieved.

During the lunch, we’ll share anectotes and experiences that led Reduxio to enter the storage market today. Late they may be, but that has allowed the leapfrogging of what is otherwise considered todays best of class.


Date: Thursday September 1st
Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm
Agenda: 11:00 AM: Registration
11:30 AM: Presentation and lunch
1:00 PM: Q&A
Location: L’Andana, 86 Cambridge St,
Burlington, MA 01803