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Modern DNS Threat Vectors: Why DNS Isn’t “Set-and-Forget” in 2019

When: February 26th, 2019 @ 11:00am – 12:00pm

DNS has become the #1 attack vector for C2, exfiltration, infiltration and disruption of internet working services. Learn why and what steps can be taken to detect and mitigate this serious threat.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How is DNS being targeted
  • Why focus on DNS as part of a defense in depth strategy
  • What methods are used to tunnel through DNS
  • Advanced techniques used to detect tunneling
  • How do you detect and mitigate DNS DDoS attacks

Webinar Presenters:

Jason J. Sgro

Partner & Security Practice Manager

For the last twenty years, Jason has been a servant of leadership at the intersection of humanity and technology. With a ceaseless passion, he has traveled to nearly one-third of the world’s countries seeking to understand the impact that innovation has on our lives, our organizations, and ourselves. He is an internationally recognized expert focused on eliminating discord between clients, organizations and the technology they trust.


Jim Zelnosky

Sr. System Engineer

Jim Zelnosky has been a Senior Systems Engineer at Infoblox for the past 8 years. He holds advanced Infoblox certifications and has extensive experience designing secure and complex DNS enterprise networks. Jim has internetworking design experience that spans 30 plus years at Racal-Datacom, Cisco Systems and Aruba Networks along with end-user experience managing network design and operations for an electric power cooperative.  Mr. Zelnosky holds a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from the Ohio Institute Technology.