DataGravity: A Channel Perspective on the Future of Storage

Joe Paquet
Joe Paquet
Vice President, Vendor Alliance & Relations

Today, most IT leaders think of storage merely as a place where data resides, but we see it as evolving into much more. Our customers are storing more data – both structured and unstructured – and they’re asking us to bring them the functionality to manage it. The channel’s job right now is to deliver on that request while also providing smarter storage solutions that can illuminate the intelligence within data.

The market has broadly accepted “storage” as something that is basically a receptacle for data – one without the means to extract insights. That’s no longer a relevant definition of what storage can or should do. Businesses want to give their data a voice so they can make more informed business decisions related to compliance, governance, customers, employees, operations and other issues. Unfortunately, many of the tools companies have tried to use to meet this need operate in separate applications or are too complicated for IT and line-of-business professionals to master. We see a market in which companies have a comprehensive solution that fuses storage and intelligence, so users can tap into both structured and unstructured data. This is the future of storage, but it’s not a far off.

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