CRN: HyperGrid CTO On How Docker Is Eating Everything And What That Means For The Channel

by Kyle Alspach on September 30, 2016, 10:40 am EDT

The Container Age

dockerAnyone who’s kept an eye on the news out of Microsoft Ignite 2016 this week has most likely already heard a lot about containerization technology pioneer Docker. That’s because Microsoft announced that Windows Server 2016 will include the Commercially Supported Docker Engine at no extra cost to users. In other words, Docker’s technology for making the software development process easier will serve as an integral part of the newest release of the hugely popular x86 operating system.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service vendor HyperGrid is bullish on containers, too. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company, formerly GridStore, got its new name after merging in July with DCHQ, a maker of technology for managing containerized enterprise applications. Last week, HyperGrid chief technology officer James Thomason gave the keynote at the Axis Business Solutions Summit, in which he predicted that “Docker eats everything” in IT over time. What follows is our Q&A with Thomason about containers and the channel at the event, which was hosted by Portsmouth, N.H.-based solution provider Axis Business Solutions.

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