Client Testimonials

“We are extremely happy with the services offered by Axis. Axis is not an ordinary IT company offering services and solutions –they are truly part of our team. From their technical expertise, flexibility, and attention to detail for our unique projects, along with the personal attention we received from the Axis team we are sincerely thankful. We feel confident and secure knowing we can rely on Axis to work with us on future projects.”

Scott Gregson | Network Manager | SAU17

“In the IT world there are many vendors that IT management have the choice of utilizing to support their company’s technology needs. Over the years I have used many different vendors as each claims to be the best at what they do and say they want to partner with you. I have learned sometimes with pain that all is not as it appears.

Then I began working with Axis Business Solutions around 7 years ago. Like with any vendor our relationship started small and then began to grow. This was due to Axis providing me with not just great but superior service. Like any IT organization sometimes my needs were unplanned and placed (sometimes unreasonable) demands on them. I never got pushback nor was I told sorry we can’t do that go elsewhere, as others have done. Unlike other vendors that I have had, Pete Estes took a personal interest in what my needs are/were. He once told me “we do the right things at the right time with the right solutions” and if not don’t pay me.

Value is the key to my success. And I am valued by Axis and they provide me value for my organization whether it be from purchase of software and hardware to doing domain migrations and upgrades to the latest Exchange.

It is very difficult for us in IT to stay on top of the latest and greatest that I don’t have the time to do. One major reason that I value Axis is they are very forward thinking. They constantly look for analyze and test newer and better solutions for their customers. They then filter out the ghosts and bring those new solutions forward.
Bottom line is they treat me like a customer, partner, and family member.
Axis Business Solutions a catchy name if you really are thinking about “Business Solutions”.”

James J Crear | Manager of IT & Facilities | Corero Network Security

“It’s late, I’m tired…

However, I have a malfunctioning Exchange server that is getting the best of me.

I email Eric, he responds immediately and helps me get the server back online; I get to go home.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the willingness of your staff to go the extra mile.”

David Early | IT Manager – CHI Engineering Services, Inc.

“Tyler is amazing and we absolutely love having him on our account. I know when I see his name on an email that everything is going to be ok, his speed and follow-up are impressive (and you know what high standards I have in that area)……

MRG is very happy to be with your firm and to finally feel like we have an IT partner that backs up their talk, SLAs and commitments. I think after 7 years, we’ve finally found our fit.”

Best, Heather Troidl | Manager, Systems & Practices |

“Axis is more than a business partner; they are like a great co-worker who always has your company’s best interest in mind.

– Stephan Dalgar, Ipswitch Inc.

“I have worked with Axis Business Solutions for the last five years and have been extremely impressed with their ability to provide solutions that not only fit my budget but also the technical requirements of our environment.

– Rafique Edwards, Newell Rubbermaid Inc.

“I have been working with Axis Business Solutions for over three years now and have received nothing short of superior customer service, quick, timely turnaround of orders and willingness to do what was needed to get the job done. They are a pleasure to do business with.

– Tony Mazzeo, PenBay Healthcare

“With the relationships they have, Axis is able to navigate through all of our licensing plus keep records so we have back-up any time we need it. They are 100% reliable and they have 100% earned my loyalty because they always have our best interests in mind.

– Scott Goodman, UFP Technologies

“Axis understands the business challenges we face and the goals we have in mind for our network. We don’t have to go into a lot of detail, because they make it a point to know our business inside and out.

– Kevin Foster, York Hospital

“I see Axis as a small company with large-company resources. I know that I can depend on Axis to simplify my job, help me save money and support my IT or procurement needs at any time.

– Dave Vigliotti, Technology Search Partners

“For our purposes there is no competitor that does a better job—either with the service they provide or with their price points. We’ve tried other local companies and we’ve tried national companies, but no one has come close to Axis in terms of getting the job done right.

– Shawn Linscott, Frisbie Memorial Hospital

“Axis is a key partner and they play a very important part in what we do. Whether it is strategic, technical , or administrative they deliver consistent value . It is nice to have a partner that blends small company flexibility with large company resources.”

– Chad Brewer, Sprague Energy

“The staff at Axis is second to none. They are responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They come through with the right recommendations and prove to us daily how much they value our company.”

– John P. Kolozetski,  Hallmark Health Systems

“Thank you Axis Business Solutions (Alex Balance) for years of excellent service. We appreciate that you go the extra mile and for your quick turnaround time along with the excellent responsiveness when we call regarding a printer issue. We look forward to working with you for all our printer needs.”

– Johanna Metthe,
Northeast Rehabilitation Health Network

“Axis Business Solutions understands the restrictions placed on a school district and is willing to work within those limitations. They are always looking for better and more efficient ways to help us accomplish our goals. I would recommend them to any school district looking for a technology partner.”

– Amy Ransom,Business Administrator,
SAU 16 Exeter

“Axis brings a hefty set of skills to the table. Their dedication to service allows us to stay focused on our business not our technology.”

– Stew Goss, Director of IT, Redlon-Johnson

“Thanks to the agility and resources of Axis, I was able to complete a proof of concept project with a very tight timeline AHEAD of schedule. Based on other vendor/partner experience I could not have done it without them.”

– Paul King, Information Security Officer,
Airmar Technology.

“Winnacunnet High School has been using Axis Print Services for more than 3 years on itsfleet of 130 printers. All it takes is one call or an automated ticket for Axis Print Services to respond, normally in less than 24 hours, and in an emergency situation within an hour. The overall school budget has had a tremendous positive impact in increased productivity as well as producing top notch print quality for the students, faculty and administration. School’s technical support budget has benefited by dramatically reducing the costs of toner supplies, repair & maintenance costs has been considerably reduced by implementing a preventative maintenance program reviewing and cleaning the printers during vacation time and eliminating the internal support staff from dealing the printers, leaving them free to support the students and faculty in other technology issues.”

– Bruce Demaine, Director of Technology – Winnacunnet High School

“The information that you bring to us from quality vendors is a key element of the successes that we, your customers, have. It is only surpassed by the hospitality, friendliness, and care of your team the reaches out to us as partners and family.”

Jim Crear – Corero


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