4 Signs You Need A Managed Services Provider

Instead of employing a full-time IT staff, partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is becoming a popular, cost-effective solution for improving business operations. Managed Services improves network performance, manages technologies, leverages new technologies and minimizes risk in your business environment.

Managing day-to-day technology tasks that keep businesses running can become a daunting and even challenging task. Companies may think they are saving money by utilizing (improper) internal resources, when they are actually affecting productivity and efficiency. Below are 4 signs you need a Managed Services Provider:

  1. You don’t have a full-time IT team
    Many small to medium sized businesses do not have the bandwidth to have an IT staff. In most cases, the most “techy” employee will be the one to take care of any IT situation, pulling them away from their everyday tasks. That employee may not be aware of the latest technology trends, which can lead to more serious, future IT issues. As our reliance on technology grows, the importance of keeping up with the innovations does too. Free up your most valuable resources and leave the frustrating tasks to a MSP.
  2. You continuously experience technology problems
    Do you find yourself dealing with endless technology problems that take you away from your most business critical work? If so, your company could immensely benefit from having a MSP. No matter the size of the problem, it can be hindering your ability to grow as a company. Allow a MSP to increase the quality of your computer systems while resolving problems before they spiral out of control.
  3. Your company is growing
    As your company grows, so does the need for updated, dependable technology. In order to assure this, you may need a MSP to assist in a technology assessment and implementation. Company growth leads to important work that can’t be pushed aside to deal with technology issues. Don’t let the management of internal technology and processes get out of hand.
  4. You want to save money
    When you hire a dedicated IT employee, you are paying salary along with overhead costs. When you partner with a MSP, you are paying only for the resources you use. With a MSP you also get the associated trained knowledge, expertise, and bandwidth that is not promised or guaranteed with an internal IT employee.

In conclusion, technology should enhance a company, not burden it in any way. A Managed Services Provider is meant to be an extension to organizations that improve current IT management methods. If you find your company experiencing a lack of an IT team, technology problems, growth and the desire to save money, you strongly want to consider partnering with a MSP team.

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