flexible lease and loan programs

Lease and loan programsAt Axis we offer a variety of leasing and financing options. Leasing technology hardware and software not only saves you money, (10-15% according to industry analysts), it also protects against technology obsolescence and frees up capital from your current operating budgets.

Our flexible lease and loan programs can also provide a delay in payments for a period of time beyond the standard delivery and installation cycle. This delay gives the hardware and software purchase time to generate income and begin to pay for itself. Whether you’re looking to conserve capital or protect yourself from being caught with obsolete technology we’ll work to find a financing program that’s right for you.

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We Customize Technology Solutions for the Following Industries:
Small / Mid-size | Enterprise | Education | Government | Financial

Technology Procurement

We experienced a major network outage this year. Axis worked around the clock to provide us the people, hardware, support and resources we needed to get up and running again quickly.

– Christopher McClure, Director of Technology,

Town of Westford, Mass.