Partners, customers call data-aware storage “game-changer”

datagravityIn the history of a customer-focused company, there is no greater moment than the one in which users start to see and express benefits from using your product. As we were developing the DataGravity Discovery Series, we had ideas about how we thought customers would benefit from this new approach to data storage. We thought our idea of data-aware storage would change expectations for what storage means to a business. So it is gratifying now to be able to hear first-hand from our early access partners and customers as they begin reporting back to us about their experiences with the product.

At a CIO roundtable in Maine earlier this month, several DataGravity Discovery Series users shared their experiences. Their reports on what the move from dumb storage to smart storage has meant in their organizations says it all about the traction for data-aware storage.

In CRN, Editor Steven Burke shared these quotes in his article, “DataGravity’s Data-Aware Storage Appliance Is Winning Over Customers, Partners:”

  • The director of IT and facilities at a network security company said that DataGravity “allowed us to look into the black hole of data, throw a torch into that hole, and see what data was good, what data was bad and what is truly the intellectual property of the company.”
  • A law firm IT director told CRN that the Discovery Series revealed that Social Security and credit card data was easily accessible in some files, and the firm has been able to “mine 5 TB of raw unstructured data with what amounts to an almost instant Google search capability. He said the appliance has, in effect, become a de facto document management system.”
  • Peter Estes, CEO of DataGravity partner Axis Business Solutions: “This differentiates us from the companies we have traditionally competed with in our region… This is all net new business for us. This has us adding a lot more value to clients…”

Our founders’ philosophy is rooted in innovations that solve real problems for customers. Our leadership team has a deep background in technologies that fit that description, and we look forward to hearing from new DataGravity customers as Discovery Series delivers insight to more companies.