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Contact Axis Business SolutionsOmniCube hyperconvergence radically simplifies by consolidating storage, server and network switching infrastructure functionality into a single unified stack running on x86 building blocks. OmniCube hyperconverged infrastructure is delivered at a fraction of cost and with extreme reduction in complexity over legacy IT stacks.


OmniCube CN-2000 Hyperconverged Solution Overview

Each OmniCube CN-2000 is a 2U building block based on commodity x86 systems. Clustering two or more OmniCubes provides simple and efficient expansion in a scale-out manner. What could be an easier solution for deploying in remote sites or small businesses? Two or more OmniCubes create an elastic and infinitely scalable pool of shared resources known as a federation.

SimpliVity OmniCube systems go beyond integration of server, storage, and network switch technology. By incorporating unique features such as global namespace for centralized management of geographically distributed storage, built-in virtual machine backup, as well as global inline deduplication, compression, and optimization, OmniCube can permanently and optimally store data at inception. OmniCube CN-2000’s data efficiency features reduce IOPS—since only unique writes generate IOPS. Further, OmniCube reduces required storage capacity for primary, backup, and archive data, as well as WAN traffic. You also benefit from the ability to run the OmniCube Cloud data center on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a low-cost target for off-site backup copies. Your small or medium-sized business benefits from OmniCube’s integration, broad scope of functionality, and simple management.

Manage OmniCube centrally from within VMware vCenter. It eliminates all interfaces, management complexity, and other components, including SANs, standalone storage, remote replication, data protection, and more. By combining powerful capabilities in a scalable IT building block and leveraging the pool of resources, SimpliVity provides dramatic improvements in economics, IT simplification, and operational efficiency when compared to legacy solutions.

SimpliVity OmniCube Awards

Modern Infrastructure Impact Award
OmniCube is the winner of the Modern Infrastructure Best Converged Infrastructure Award

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Overview of SimpliVity’s OmniCube

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