Data Migration

Seamless Data Migration with SimpliVity’s OminCube


The cost of data migration has become a concern for many companies and according to to Wikibon, 24% of the cost of any new storage array is associated with data migration. This cost is becoming so exorbitant that IT professionals are looking for a more cost effective solution.

Contact Axis Business SolutionsIt’s not the cost of the infrastructure, managing the ever-increasing growth in data, the application, or virtual workload performance. No, instead, it’s simply the cost of moving data from one platform to another. It’s a cost that should not exist.

Data Migration Challenge

Simply put, infrastructure complexity is a result of the Data Problem. Organizations have invested in many different point technologies and appliances to make their data more efficient. These appliances were not designed in the era of virtualization. They are legacy technologies designed for siloed approaches.

With legacy siloed infrastructure, data is not mobile. Data is associated to the virtual machine; however, it’s resides on physical constructs of the past: Logical Units (LUNs), shares, volumes, RAID groups, and disk groups. These are concepts that fundamentally tie data to the legacy storage array and limit mobility.

Data Migration Solution

SimpliVity OmniCube hyperconverged infrastructure minimizes manual efforts typically associated with data migrations, enabling faster time to deployment and time to market.

At its core, SimpliVity provides virtual machine centricity and mobility. Gone are the days of managing LUNs, share and volumes. With SimpliVity, you just manage virtual machines. The core design principle is to make data as mobile as the virtual machine.

On an OmniCube, the data migration process is radically simplified:

  • Deploy a new OmniCube at the remote site
  • vMotion and Storage vMotion the applications and data to the OmniCube
  • Back up the virtual machines to the remote site
  • Restore the virtual machines at the remote site

SimpliVity OmniCube Awards

Modern Infrastructure Impact Award
OmniCube is the winner of the Modern Infrastructure Best Converged Infrastructure Award

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