Healthcare Technology Solutions

Modernize patient care with advanced technology solutions that enable better collaboration and knowledge-sharing within your organization and among your partners.

Advances in technology and a population that demands information are forcing the transformation of the entire healthcare services value chain. To succeed, practices need integrated solutions that meet growing demand, rising operational costs and new regulatory requirements. More than ever, healthcare practices are under pressure to increase efficiencies while also improving quality of care and ensuring patient safety.

Axis creates a digital hospital environment that lets practices capture, store, manage and securely access patient information – for a more positive patient experience. From sophisticated hand-held devices to powerful back-end infrastructure, we design, build and employ medical archive solutions that help improve the efficiency and quality of patient care.

Axis EHR Solutions: Embrace today’s EHR imperatives and discover valuable information for a smoother transition within your practice.

To earn stimulus incentives, physicians and hospitals must demonstrate meaningful use of a certified electronic health record (EHR) solution. Axis engineers work closely with medical practices of all sizes to create a strategic plan and implement the right technology solutions that satisfy the latest criteria.

Before embarking on an EHR initiative, consider the following topics of relevance:

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