Client Q&A



How long have you been using Axis?

4 years.

Before Axis, what were the biggest challenges you faced?

Finding a vendor that would assist with our virtualization initiatives that could not only could perform the services that was what we needed at the time but was there to also point us in a strategic direction for the years to come. The wealth of knowledge the team at Axis brings to us will trickle down to the services we can provide for our customers.

How has Axis helped you resolve these challenges?

Axis was there for us from the start. From the time we installed our Dell EqualLogic to installing VMware. They meet our schedules and beat the deadlines. We could not have met them without their professional assistance. It was working through these projects that has brought us to utilize Axis in all different types of technologies. They have a plethora of partnerships with all sorts of companies that can help small IT staffs like ours look like we are a team of 30.

What makes AXIS different from the competition in your eyes ?

I don’t feel pressured to buy when they there is some new technology on the market. I feel I can speak candidly to my account representative, they react to issues or problems that may arise with patients and professionalism.

What tangible items items did Axis provide your company?

(specific ROI? – time, money, headache, productivity savings, proactively hold off problems, etc.)?
They helped us virtualize our environment that was growing beyond its capacity. Now my server room isn’t over heating or looking a mess anymore!

Is there any other quote or item that you would like to highlight regarding Axis?

I have been in the IT business for just about 30 years. In all that time I have not come across a vendor that I consider to be more an extension of my team than Axis. They are a cohesive group internally, you can tell they are a business family. Most of their core personnel have been with Axis since its inception and I will bet for a long time to come.